PALM Electronic

Produkcja urządzeń elektronicznych, Lampy samochodowe LED, Urządzenia odblaskowe, Uszczelnianie masami i żywicami

The Palm electronic company produces and distributes vehicle lights and antenna accessories for Reputable Frimen Europe.   We distribute our products in the following countries: Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, etc.
The Palm electronic enterprise has long-therm experience in using unusual, innovative and almost impossible to implementation solutions. We use modern technologies and processes used currently in electronic industry.  Each device which we create shall be subject to rigorous structural and functional testing, so our products are of the highest quality.  
  It is important for us, as for service providers to adapt to the requirements of our customers.   Our enterprise offers following services: assembly of modules and all modern components (SMT/THT), integration of devices (wiring, mechanical assembly: twisting, riveting), wave soldering (leaded and unleaded), hand soldering (leaded and unleaded), wide range of electrical testing, functional testing, high-voltage testing and wiring, tile installation in housings, machining (drilling, milling, threading, cutting), protective coating by painting and priming method (resins, silicones and other plastic), washing the plates, cutting plates from the panel, cable processing - cutting, stripping, installation of connectors, production of side marker lamps and reflectors, production of inductive components, production casting by injection molding, production of the highest quality equipment satellite and cable TV, sale of electronic components, packing and shipping of goods, transportation of the product to the customer in the whole world.   Our range of services includes the development and production of new types of lighting fixtures for large and small production runs.   Flexibility, quality and punctuality are our priority. Our goal is not short-lived, fleeting success, but constant and good cooperation with our customers. Since the acquisition of raw materials, through all stages of production and assembly to final quality control and functionality of our products, we are a competent and reliable partner.   Benefit from our many years of experience since 1983.